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If you are a World of Warcraft player, it is possible for you to install custom icons for your in-game interface, much like installing an add-on. Any icon must be in the “.BLP” format or they will not work.

To install an icon, simply go to your interface folder and create a new folder called “Icons” besides your “AddOns” folder, the path should look like this:

World of Warcraft/Interface/Icons/

Placing any BLP icon in that folder will add it next time you load the game. Notice that unless the file's name is corresponding to that of an existing icon, it will not overwrite any icons and you can instead find it in the list of icons when creating an in-game macro.

You can browse my spell icon gallery folder for custom icons to download.

    How to create your own icons

You will need two necessary tools (in addition to a photo manipulation program) to create icons. The first is a fan-made program that creates BLP files by <a href="…>mundocani, however only through extraction from existing PNG images. You will also need a template that I will share with you.

    Step by step tutorial (Photoshop):

1. Download below files.

The template:
Icon Template by Bogrim

The program:
Download (Hosting Site)

2. Resize your artwork to a 56x56 dimension. I recommend using sharpening effects to make the image clear after resizing. Remember to add a slight shadowy border as well.

3. Paste your artwork onto the template and merge the layers, save your icon.

4. Drag and drop the .PNG file onto the BLP2PNG.exe, and the program will create a .blp file in the same dictionary as its located.

    How to overwrite existing icons

The benefit in overwriting an existing icon is that the custom icon will then replace not only the icon on your action bar, but also on any buff icon, casting bar, spell book, etc.

You need to find out what the icon file is actually called in order to overwrite it, simply naming your icon the same as the icon you want to overwrite. While there probably is a way of hacking into your game files and finding the icon name, I have found that Thottbot names their icon image files the same as what they are called in-game.

1. Search for the icon you want to replace using Thottbot's search engine.
2. Right click the icon image and look up its properties, the file name is what you are lookingf or.
3. Rename your icon and put it into your icons folder, job done!
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5ub5ev3nWiuV Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2009
Hej Bogrim,
Hvad program bruger du til at lave spell ikonerne? Photoshop, C4D eller er det hånd tegnet og derefter farvelagt på computeren?
Bogrim Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2009

Jeg bruger kun Photoshop, fra skitse til færdigt billede. Det er meget nemmere at tegne på computeren pga. de redskaber du har i et program, f.eks. evnen til at klippe og forstørre eller formindske dele af tegningen.
5ub5ev3nWiuV Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2009
Tror du at du kunne lave en "Journal" om hvordan man kan lave en spell?
Bogrim Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2009
Det du spørger om er hvordan man tegner i generelt, det er ikke noget der kan dækkes i en enkelt journal. Du kan evt. prøve at søge på [link] eller [link]
MafaRioch Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2009   Digital Artist
Thank you for tutorial, much appreciated! :w00t:
kreatemore Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2009
I'm looking for more of these! Love the healing wave and LHW icons <3 also, thanks for the tutorial!
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